Tampa Roofing

Dan and Sharon Stein

Hello Gantt,

My wife and I wanted to thank you and Tampa Roofing for a careful, competent, thorough and highly-professional job replacing a roof on our historic home in Port Tampa. This house is very special – dating from 1893 – and we only wanted to trust the roof replacement to a firm that had the reputation, history and expertise to do the job right. Your firm was recommended by the best in the business. The old roof had been there for decades, and it required special care and knowledge to replace properly. Your workers were professional, and you went the extra mile to ensure that any original wood that needed replacement was taken care of in the correct manner. Your found the best shingle and related materials for an affordable price. Estimates were accurate, and when additional work appeared to be required, it was cleared properly in advance. Make no mistake, your firm is interested in ensuring that the job is done right and I (and my neighbors) are justly impressed. We’d unhesitatingly recommend your firm to anyone considering a new roof.

Dan and Sharon Stein


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